Competitions at the India Pavilion

Global Yoga Competition for Children (age 12 and below)


Originating in India about 5000 years ago, the practice of Yoga (Sanskrit, for Union) with its philosophical basis in the Yoga school of thought embodies a holistic approach to physical, spiritual and mental well-being. It is an ancient gift that the world has received from India!

Most people around the globe start practising yoga when they reach a certain age; an age when they can feel their bones ache or their muscle mass starts to deteriorate. But ideally, one should start practising yoga daily from a tender age so that they can grow into a well-rounded individual.

There are quite a few young yogis all around the world who almost have, or are on the verge of mastering the art of Yoga. We would like them to lead a Yoga session at the India Pavilion! Hence, we are arranging a Global Yoga Competition for Children (age 12 and below).

Areas Of Focus 

  • The global competition will select the five best yoga practitioners under 12 years, from around the world.
  • The entries can be sent as videos of the contestant performing the asanas.

Who Can Apply

This competition is open to children of all nationalities, up to the age of 12.

Perks of Participation

Top three entries win :

  • A sponsored trip to Dubai.

For Technical Queries Please Contact:

Abhismit Nayak


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competition Winners
Yoga Competition 1st Place
Ambika Chauhan
Yoga Competition 2nd Place
Aarna Om singh
Yoga Competition 3rd Place
Devika Dua